May 30, 2009

Octane 17

Today's fast finish long run was a blast! It felt like we discovered the secret runner's heaven of Tiburon because there were flat paths with gorgeous views, plenty of water fountains & bathrooms & parking, and a delightful diner for brunch :P

The first 12 miles included a couple navigational challenges, but we managed to find our way along the bay front path (with views of the Golden Gate bridge & the SF skyline) and through several very nice neighborhoods.

The preparations for the pace portion began after mile 11. So, at mile 11.5 (thank goodness for Garmalade!), I took a roctane gu (blueberry pomegranate flavored, which actually tasted like a pretty good filling for a blueberry pie!), extra water, and hooked up the ipod. Then the 4 goal marathon pace miles: 9:04, 9:03, 8:56, and 8:34. The first couple miles felt great, and I almost wanted to run them faster. I definitely feel that the gu helped in a big way. The third mile went by quickly, and I was appreciating the music. For the fourth pace mile, I let myself go as fast as I pleased, worked hard, but didn't force anything crazy. I'm stoked with running 8:34 for a mile 16 :)

After a cooldown, stretching, and refueling, it was time to drive into Tiburon for brunch. The eggs and toast hit the spot! After the high octane 17 mile training run, I'm enjoying a low key Saturday afternoon.

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