May 28, 2012

More distance, more hills

Last weekend, I ran a very solid 12 miles around Alameda and the Bay Farm path. The next day, I got my PhD  :)

This weekend, I chose to do a hilly 10 mile run- with over 1130 feet of elevation gain. This involved running up Broadway Terrace and up through Piedmont.  My quads were pretty achy after the run.  I thought that the hilly training would help prepare me for next week's trail 1/2 marathon. Yeah, I impulsively signed up for the race and just want to enjoy spending time on the East Bay's trails!!

May 14, 2012


This weekend was chock-full of running!  On Saturday, I ran the Cinderella trail 10k in the East Bay Regional Park system.  The race was fun and well organized. This was my first race of 2012. Since it was a trail race, I just ran by effort, also letting the terrain dictate my pace.

I started pretty hard and worked to weave my way around people on the single track trail. I was cruising on the flatter sections! I ran some of the uphills but hiked a long & super steep uphill around mile 4.  Closer to the end of the race, my legs were achey from the terrain. There was a rocky downhill that I walked down, and, unfortunately, several women sped down past me :O  I kicked it in at the finish and felt like I'd worked hard throughout the race.

On Sunday, I went for a scenic, classically San Francisco run with R....We ran down Golden Gate Park, up past the Cliff House, and absorbed a misty but awesome view of the GG Bridge!  I tried to soak up the views since I'll be moving eastwards & won't have views of the Pacific Ocean. At the end of the 10 miler, my legs still had some pep. All in all it was a fantastic long run.