May 23, 2011

Swimming gear

I totally love my running gear, and I've joked that my favorite outfits involve running clothes.  Really, what can beat a running skirt, racing shoes, and a good ponytail??!?  I've been more consistent with my swimming and feel like I should review a few pieces of swimming gear. After a very good morning swim involving plenty of breaststroke and some freestyle, I thought swimming deserved a blog post.

I have a Splish swimsuit that I love.  It fits well, it covers everything up, and it has a fun design. I rate it an A (it would get an A+ but their swimsuits aren't cheap).

I use Tyr goggles.  Part of the strap broke, so I have to repair it by tying a knot in the strap. Thus the goggles get a B/B- rating. But the goggles fit well and let me see in the pool.  I would NOT be able to swim laps without goggles.

I like doing some kicking practice with fins. The pool provides Finis Zoomers, which work great.  I give the fins an A+ and would like to get my own pair of fins at some point!

I do my swimming at Oakland's public pools, and I give them a hearty A- rating.  The pools are well maintained, and the staff is friendly.  Sometimes lanes get a tad crowded. And the bathrooms are functional but nothing to write home about.

May 18, 2011


Yesterday, I had gratitude for a perfect avocado and for getting to blab to my husband.

Today, I have gratitude for a good run---breathing and sweating are my meditation.  I have gratitude for seeing blue skies.

And, tomorrow, I'll have gratitude for something else---large or small.