July 4, 2011

Summer running

This isn't really a patriotic post, but I did wear a blue and white tank top on today's run :) We're actually/finally having some hot, sunny weather in the Bay Area, which makes it feel like it's really summer.

I went for a fantastic run on my birthday and thought a bit about how my running-life has unfolded....A year ago, I was training my tail off for a half marathon, including waking up very, very early to do tough workouts in the heat & humidity of New Jersey's summer. Two years ago, I was gearing up for the SF Marathon with long runs in SF and Tiburon. Three years ago, I was learning all about trail running, and Jenica & I celebrated my 30th bday by running up Mt. Tam :)  Four years ago, I was on my honeymoon and being oh-so-lazy on the beaches of the Greek Islands (no complaints about that!!). And, this October will be the 10th anniversary of running my first marathon, which was the Chicago Marathon that I ran with Carolyn.  Finally, it's been almost 20 years (eeeek!) since I started running high school cross country with Coach Heiser.
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