October 14, 2012


Over the past ten days, many leaves have fallen, and I've had a couple stellar runs.....I think that my reward for dealing with the trials and tribulations of summer running (heat, humidity, sweat, bugs, yuckkkkk) is that fall running has been easy-peasy :)

Last week, I did a fun 11 mile trail run all around Mansfield's parks and preserves---wow, there were a couple tough climbs plus and epic run through a soggy field.  And yesterday I ran 13 on the (nice and flat) Hop River trail.  The air was brisk, and my legs just wanted to go, go, go.  In fact, I had to hold them back.

I'm bracing myself for the darkness of winter but am hoping that I can do some runs on UConn's well lit campus.  Till then, it's fall, and I'll continue feasting on pumpkin treats :P
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