May 7, 2009

Lions pool

I decided to take advantage of today's warm and sunny rest day by going for a mellow swim. I've discovered that Oakland's public pools have reasonable facilities, are quite well maintained, and are a great value for lap swimming. All in all, a fantastic example of a public good. So I drove up to Dimond Park, parked in a lot, wandered around and down a path to find the pool's entrance. The pool is tucked into a canyon in the lower part of the Oakland hills. After paying the $3 entrance fee, I was soon easing myself into the pool's slow lane :O

Jenica motivated me to cross train, but we also know that cross training need to be pretty easy so the legs can recover. I warmed up with a few nice and easy laps of breaststroke. I did a few faster laps- a couple freestyle (I never know what to do with my legs while doing the freestyle) and a couple more breaststroke. Then I cooled down with some relaxing laps of breastroke. My lap swimming pace is slow plus my form is not at all professional, but this otter loves aquatherapy!

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