May 29, 2009

Before, during, and after

Tomorrow's fast finish long run feels like an exciting step toward training more intensively. That being said, it's occupying a lot of my brain space, and it'll be awesome to just do it!

The objective of a fast finish long run is to prepare you for racing when you're legs are already very, very tired. So, the plan is to run 12 miles at an easy long run pace. Then, I'll crank it up a few notches by running at my goal marathon pace for 4 miles. Finally, I can enjoy a mellow mile long cooldown. In a way, the 17 mile long run is divided into three chunks- a very long warm up, a race, and a nice, easy mile. But, really, who warms up for 12 miles?!?!

This long pace run deserves a little bit of extra attention, so here are some details that I hope will help me stride successfully through the workout:

  • extra sleep
  • extra water
  • pasta dinner
  • peanut butter toast & coffee for breakfast
  • flattish & scenic route
  • ipod shuffle for the pace portion
  • electrolyte water & 2 gels
  • sassy running shorts & favorite socks
  • Garmalade!

  • recovery snack & water
  • stretching
  • nice dry t-shirt
  • flip flops to give those footsies and toesies some air :>
  • brunchy!!
  • beer (what can I say, it's a terrific motivator)
  • Sunday REST DAY

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