May 17, 2009

Bay to Breakers '09

It was a hot, hot, hot California day. Bay to Breakers was a great race, and I'm pleased with my time of 1:09!

Garmalade calculated my average pace to be 9 min/mile (with a mile 2 of 10:05 and a speedy mile in GG Park of 8:25). The official results told me that I placed 178th out of over 1500 female runners in the 30-39 age group; the 1st place runner in my age group was Olympic medalist-Deena Kastor :) This is definitely a race that I want to run again.

I kept a relaxed pace for the first couple miles and then raced up Hayes Street Hill--very fun and some hard work for the legs. I was a sweaty mess on the top of the hill. I got a pretty bad side stitch (might have been caused by the post-Hayes St. downhill running!) around mile 5 but still managed to finish with a kick :O Yes, there were costumed and nekked runners! Yes, there was fun music along the course, and the course itself covers the diverse terrain of SF.

Here are some race pix...thanks, Jenica, for documenting this event!

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