May 11, 2009

New path

I think medium long runs are becoming my new favorite kind of workout. It's long enough that you get into a solid running groove and cover a bunch of ground, yet it's short enough that you don't need to worry about gu or hitting the wall! Today I ran up Moraga and around the paths of Piedmont Park. Then I ran back down to Grand Avenue and partially around Lake Merritt.

And there's a new pedestrian path around the lake- yay! The paved path is nice and smooth, though I miss the softness of the dirt/gravel trail. No more being crammed on the sidewalk. A bonus- there seemed to be fewer birds (especially pidgeons--which repulse me) on the path :) The path around Lake Merritt is definitely one of the gems of Otown!

What else is on tap for this week?
  • Track- 400s
  • Bay to Breakers- 7.4 mile race! It should be fun to push the pace and see how I hold up on the hills. I just registered last night and will not be in an appropriately paced corral, but it should be okay.

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