May 3, 2009

Take two

Tomorrow is the first day of the second week of marathon training. I usually don't keep track of weeks in this way, but blogging seems to draw attention to my training schedule and overall timeline for getting prepared for the July race. This will be a slightly easier week of training.

I've also been thinking about running more with my ipod. The SF Marathon doesn't have tons of crowd support, and I thought that listening to music could help me stay in a groove. A first step would be start using the ipod more while training and also make a new playlist for the shuffle.

On tap for this week
Key 1: Medium long run
  • 70 minutes
Key 2: Hills
  • 6-7 1 min. hill repeats- may choose a more gradual hill (Pleasant Valley?) to simulate racing conditions
Key 3: Weekend Long run
  • 15 miles- A coastal tour of Alameda

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