May 15, 2009

Caring for dead legs

Yesterday my legs felt dead tired...yucky tired. I'm blaming the 400s for shredding my quads.

I drank lots of water to flush out any remaining lactic acid, especially in my quads. I took a bath to loosen my muscles. I also spent some quality time with the foam roller to get some kinks out. Ouch! The hope is to fend off any soreness or overtraining issues.

Today my legs feel a bit better, though not 100%. I did a mellow run and did not--at any point--push the pace. I really just ran to get blood flowing through my muscles. I'm continuing to drink plenty of water (especially in this heat wave!) and will do some more foam rollin' soon.

**Please note that when you google foam roller, some odd photos pop up, but I tried to pick a relatively neutral pic

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