June 1, 2009

First week of June

The month of June is chock full of marathon training and includes the essential workouts for a terrific race day.

However, the week of June 1 is a cut-back week between two intense weeks, so I hopefully will be complaining less :) Next week will be intense, but the number 1 rule of marathon training is to never, ever think ahead. If you're on mile 24, don't think about mile 25 or 26. If you're on week 5, don't think of week 6 or 10 of training. Really, if you're putting on running shoes, don't think about the run/track/hills/race/whatever might be in front of you. Just worry about what you're currently doing.

What I'm currently doing with no concerns about what's off in the distance:
Key 1: Medium long run- 80 minutes (I completed that this afternoon!)
Key 2: Hill repeats- 6X 90 second repeats (still need to choose a good hill)
Key 3: Weekend long run- 14 miles in Alameda (short and flat)

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