June 5, 2009

Holy guanacaste!

I got into the 2009 New York City Marathon!

I have the incredible opportunity to run the New York City marathon on November 1 with about 37,000 other people from around the globe! The 26.2 mile race covers all five boroughs and is considered one of the largest sporting-spectator-events. I love New York....

Yes, this means I'll be running two marathon during the four months between July and November. And, yes, this also means that I'll be bonding with my running shoes, socks, clothes, and Garmalade, pasta and gus, running buddies and long run routes :) I'll definitely be writing more about training for two marathons.

Today's tempo run around Lake Merritt went well in the strangely persistent Bay Area gray humidity. I averaged under 8:17 for the 20 minute tempo portion.


  1. holy guacamole! when is it?

  2. Welcome to New York. I think there will be over 40,000 of us this year.