June 3, 2009

Hilly yay yo

I have no complaints about today's hill workout up-and-down Linda Avenue. I've become a big fan of hill repeats--somehow they're easier mentally than track workouts but they really strengthen your legs! Physically and mentally, I felt quite strong during the 6 X 90 second hill repeats and enjoyed a solid warmup and cooldown for a total workout of about 45 minutes.

I noticed that I lengthen my stride when I start the hill repeats, but then one I'm at my cruising/working hard speed, my stride shortens again. I'm aware that my stride should not lengthen when I'm trying to run faster--rather, my turnover is supposed to increase.

I've been looking at the next four intense weeks of marathon training and am thinking that it might be a prudent idea to fit in an extra recovery day for walking/swimming--perhaps on the week of June 22 :)

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