June 19, 2009


I'm a talented pasta-eater who should have bought stock in pasta before getting on the marathon train!

Although carbo loading is not really necessary for a 5 or 10 mile run, pasta is great fuel for the longer workouts. And, when it's time for a twenty miler, nothing eases the nerves and replenishes the muscles like a large bowl of pasta. My hubby has gotten me more into angel hair pasta. I love a generously soupy amount of tomato sauce on my pasta and have convinced the hubby that it's tasty, especially with a generous topping of grated cheese :) Pasta dinners are so easy to cook and definitely get me excited for the race and its pre-race dinner!

This week: I completed 4 of 4 weekday workouts!
Tomorrow morning: 20 mile long run with 6.5 miles at goal marathon pace, and covering all that ground should give plenty to write about tomorrow ;)

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