June 7, 2009

Whose idea was this?

Marathon training would not be marathon training without at least a few weeks of training that involve a heavy dose cursing and questioning.

Whose idea was it to run the SF marathon? And how exactly was it decided that more weekday runs or pace runs or even getting anywhere near a track were good ideas? And why am I constantly drinking water or scrounging for advil or craving peanut butter? Oh, yeah, because I decided that doing a 26.2 mile race was a smart idea. Totally not sure about what that says about the state of my brain or my future as a sentient being.

Well, this week of training will be full of all those pains and joys ;) I think this is the week to dig deep and reach up, while, all the while, running forward. In other words, it's time to bribe myself with Peet's lattes and cookie baking to celebrate tackling all four key workouts...

On tap:
Key 1: medium long run- 85-90 minutes
Key 2: Track- 800s
Key 3: Lake Merced- 4.5 mile race
Key 4 (!!!!)- Long run- 18 miles with 5 miles at marathon pace

ps- I'll keep you posted on the cookie recipe!

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