June 11, 2009

Lake Merced race

In lieu of this week's tempo run, J and I decided to try out a Thursday evening race put on by SF's Dolphin South End running club. The $1 registration fee included race number bibs, water, cliff bars, fruit, and brownies :P About 50 people entered the race.

The 4.5 mile race was on the path around Lake Merced. My final time was 36:20, and I worked hard during the race. I averaged 8:08 miles, so I beat my goal of runnning under 8:30 miels!! I focused on runners ahead of me and saved some energy for the last mile, though my kick was nothing to write home about :O It was really fun to get out there & race against people. After the race, I felt like I was on cloud 9 (yay for runner's high!).

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