June 12, 2009

Closer but confused

Another Friday, another four-run-week! Today's recovery run felt nice, and I enjoyed stretching my legs in preparation for tomorrow's long pace run.

Even though the marathon's getting closer and closer, and I've already cranked out many of the traning miles, much is still up in the air about my race day goals. I'm still trying to figure out my goal marathon pace, and it's especially tricky when you throw in SF's infamous hills that will affect my pace on race day. For pace runs, I'm aiming to run at 8:50-9:10 pace. But I'm not certain that I can hang onto a 9:10 pace for 26.2 miles.

Really, how do people determine their marathon race pace? It seems mysterious, and, no matter what, the last few miles hurt. Actually, they hurt bad. Really bad :O I know that rule #1 is not to out too fast, and I'd love to run a negative split in this marathon, especially since the second half of the SF marathon has fewer hills (sort of).

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