June 29, 2009

Birthday run

I celebrated my 31st birthday with a medium long run in my blue and green running skirt. It would be awesome to celebrate my 41st or even 61st birthdays with nice run, too :) I guess I could have run 31 km today (but am glad I didn't!). Enjoying the warm day in the Oakland Hills and around Lake Merritt was definitely a nice gift, and I even braved running through a few gaggles 'o' geese.

This week has some high mileage plus a 20 mile marathon pace run on Friday...Fortunately, my legs feel fairly fresh and ready to gogo!


  1. Happy birthday again. If I had to set a goal for my 31st I think I'd have to set the much less ambitious goal of 3.1 km for myself!

  2. hey lady! hope you had a great birthday! 27 days till the marathon! can you believe it. we are going to rock!