June 15, 2009

Gettin' out there

A confession...today was one of those days when I try to scrounge up an excuse to not do the scheduled workout- a medium long run. I stared at the training schedule and attempted to imagine different ways to shift around workouts. Fortunately, I'm really bad at that kind of planning/logic, so I gave up. Also, big thanks to J and my hubby for telling me to just do it and that getting out there and running would perk me up. And it did :)

I ran 90 minutes up College Avenue and around the edges of UC Berkeley's campus. In fact, I ran into one of my classmates who was driving home from school, and I talked to her while she was stuck in a line of cars! About 50 minutes into the run, I could feel my muscles really loosening up, and they needed the extra blood flow to flush out the stress and knots from the weekend's long pace run!! After the run, I did some intense stretching. It would be a nice treat to wake up tomorrow with fresher legs. We'll see, but, no matter what, I'll get out there and run...

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