September 11, 2009

Moments of Tired

I woke up feeling like I was fighting through a mild cold. But I geared up, tied my shoelaces, filled my water bottle and headed out. During the warmup, my legs felt a bit tired. But I kept moving. By the time I got to Lake Merritt for the steady state workout, my legs were feeling much better.

The 35 minutes at steady state pace went well. Yes, I had to dodge some pidgeons :( There were a few moments in which I had to remind myself to take a deep breath, focus, and push my legs. Focusing really helps me get my speed where it needs to be. But on the positive side--I felt strong during the last 5-10 minutes of the steady state effort. More and more, I'm noticing that it's my legs (endurance) and not my breathing (cardiovascular fitness) that want to give up :O

A Note-- eight years ago was 9/11. I was training for the Chicago Marathon and heard the news on Alli's car radio. Many, many things about the world, my family, and myself have changed over the past eight years. However, I am still training for a marathon. Run on.

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