September 16, 2009

City Runlife

In my former teacher-life, I was intrigued by one of the third grade anthology units: City Wildlife. Students were expected to read, discuss, and write about the plants and animals in vacant lots and city parks. They even studied pigeons :(

Well, today's run could have added some fine-grained detail to that unit. Jess and I ran around Lake Merritt, through downtown Oakland, and eastward on Embarcadero. We even crossed a small bridge to the Coast Guard station on Alameda! I enjoyed the new and flat route, which paralleled the 880, even though it was a little loud at times...Fortunately there were sidewalks for the entirety of our 10 mile urban route. We saw plenty of trucks turning into and out of the Oakland docks, cargo ships, side of the highway hotels, plus geese and city birds. There were a couple other runners, plus some folks out fishing on the docks.

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