September 15, 2009


I'll throw a bone to the fact that this is a busy time with plenty of downs and ups, but I know that I tend to make mountains out of molehills. Today's workout featuring hill repeats reminded me that if you take it one hill at a time, everything will be dandy!

Since I woke up tired and confused about how to cram everything into today, I ended up pushing this workout to mid-morning, and it was sunny and hot. The goal was seven 1 min. uphills, and I felt terrific through the first four hills. It turns out that my last 3 repeats were my fastest, so my legs weren't dying from the uphill efforts. And I really felt like I was recovering quickly on the 2 min. jog back down the hill. Somehow the hill repeats (at 5Kish effort) woke my legs up, and they feel better than they did before the long run :)

I love running because, if I motivate and persevere, the big and hard workouts turn out to be molehills, and--worse comes to worse--they're speedbumps toward my improvement as a runner.

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