September 27, 2009

The big five-one

Because I ran 51 miles this week, I now feel as if I've made it over the running hill! Of course, for what it's worth, Olympics-level distance runners typically run over 100 miles per week.

Yesterday's 20 miler was challenging. With just over a month before New York, I could blame my legs for being tired or the heat in Walnut Creek, but I really think that something was wrong with my tummy :( The TMI--I had some cramping plus a not-so-fun bathroom stop. But after all that, I was able to finish the last portion of the pace miles in good form. I'm proud that I stuck with it, and the workout was a great reminder that not every day of training is smooth or ideal.

In gear news, my beloved Salomon hydration fanny pack, which has been a staple of my running gear for 5 years, is thrashed (seams are ripped apart), and I might need to replace it soon. My Brooks shoes are also quite worn down, and I've started to rotate in an older (yet less worn down) pair of Brooks. But really, it's about time to start training in my marathon Brooks (Adrenalines again, but a nice new blue!). Finally, I splurged on a new running skirt because they're so darn comfortable...I'll post pictures when it arrives!

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  1. nice job on the 51 miles!!! NYC is getting close :) ugg its been HOT in walnut creek. at least its cooled down this week. we probably run on a lot of the same trails!