March 2, 2010


This week of marathon training included a 14 mile midweek run, which is definitely a record medium-long run for me! I decided to go down to Alameda to run the 14 miler, since there are nice and flat routes along the waterfront.

Of course, it was raining off and on during my run. I was really happy that I chose to wear my Marmot lightweight rain jacket because it ended up saving me from hypothermia. I'm also sure its bright orange color made me more visible in traffic. Around mile 9, when it was pouring rain, I imagined that the jacket was a rescue-flotation vest that would whisk me away to safety. At that point, I felt about as soaked as a swimmer, and was thinking about whether or not I'd ever consider doing a triathlon.

Also on tap for this week: a track workout AND a long run (only 14 miles) with 5 miles at goal marathon pace.

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