March 11, 2010

Apres run

Today's 20 miler went great, and I wanted to share my post-workout routine:

After long runs, I walk a bit and guzzle some water. Then I stretch and work on my quads, hamstrings, etc. Next, I try to eat something right away---sometimes a banana or granola bar or almonds (today, I scarfed down most of a Powerbar protein bar plus a big latte). I try to keep drinking water all day. Today I also partook in a cold water bath to freeze my leggies, and it worked :O Some vitamin I (aka Advil) tends to help me hobble around the house! And usually more eating is in order, as well.

Now I need to do some reading and/or snacking....

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  1. hi! I just found your blog via Aron's and am a teacher in East Oakland AND a runner!! Looks like lots in common already! look forward to following your blog and congrats w the 20 miler!


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