March 26, 2010

Cooking up a new workout

Tomorrow's long run will involve a new type of pace workout. Testing out a new workout is always interesting because it's hard to tell how hard a workout will be till you translate it from paper to the road. I designed a workout with 3 sets of 3 miles at goal marathon pace. So, Jenica and I will be running 3 miles at an easy, long run pace and then 3 miles at marathon pace, then back to easy 3 and pace 3, and, finally, 3 more easy and pace 3. We'll add 2 more easy miles at the end to get to 20 miles. Whew!

On today's recovery run, I decided that I wanted to think of the three sets of pace miles as distinct goals within one, big workout. Each set of miles will have its own flavor. And I thought about a feast that includes appetizers, a main course, and dessert and imagined the first set of pace miles as an appetizer, then the next set as the main course, and the final set as dessert. To make it concrete, I'll enjoy guacamole with chips, then eggplant parmesan, and, for dessert, a big ice cream sundae :P I'm crossing my fingers that tomorrow's workout will be delish!!

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  1. Wait, do we get to eat this stuff when you're done?


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