October 3, 2009


It's time for me to write about my tummy.

No, not because I'm planning on developing Kara Goucher-esque fabulous abs :) It would take a moderate-miracle for me to develop a 6-pack rather than drinking 6-packs (I heart Anchor Steam, Hefeweizen, and, well, Budweiser)!

Instead, I'll talk about the far more appealing nature of my digestive tract....

I tend to have a very strong stomach and eat just about anything (except papaya). But I've had some not-so-fun tummy issues during the past few weeks of running. It could be the noxious combination of heat, not eating well enough, hormones, and stress :( Whatever it was, it didn't help my training. I took a step last night by eating a super simple (and easy to digest) dinner- buttered pasta noodles with some grated cheese (plus M & Ms for dessert). I abandoned my traditional tomato sauce and salad, and my stomach felt terrific on this morning's 15 miler. No heartburn or bathroom issues. In fact, I'm recording it as my easiest 15 miler; a nice run around Alameda on a nice early fall morning.

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