October 14, 2009

Free fallin'

Every rose has its thorn, and every training cycle has its fall. Maybe it's because your body gets SO used to running that it's on autopilot mode OR maybe it's cumulative exhaustion from weeks and weeks of training :)

Regardless, about five minutes into today's mellow 50 minute run (mainly to burn off some nervous energy related to the multiple uncertainties and stresses of the day ahead), I tripped on the sidewalk on Lakeshore (near the Gap) and fell down. I have small scrapes on my hands and a long patch of sidewalk burn/road rash on one of my thighs. But, all in all, I'm no worse for the wear!

1 comment:

  1. Ouchie. If that were me I'm sure I would have broken a bone. Hope you are ok.


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