October 15, 2009

Before I get verklempt

With 17 days till the NYC Marathon, I want to thank some awesome people who help make the 26.2 mile journey much, much easier...

Thanks to my hubby for putting up with the alarm going off way too early on the weekend for long runs and the abundance of sweaty running gear in our bedroom AND my insistence to eat boring pasta.

Thanks to J for motivating me during track workouts, checking on my training plan, and reminding me to treat myself.

Thanks to all my lady runnin' friends, and someday we should ALL run a marathon together (yes, I'm talking to you, Katie & Mia & Jess...)! And yeah, it would pretty much be the bestest thing ever.

Thanks to my parents for driving me to cross country and track practice and meets way back in high school.

Thanks to Sue and Arnie for running gear and deep support.

Thanks to grad school friends for reminding me how nutty I am to do marathon training AND qualifying exam studying this fall.

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