August 29, 2009

What doesn't kill you

This morning's long run was a tale of what can go wrong, will go wrong and matches my favorite training philosophy of training in the hardest conditions possible so the race itself feels easy.

-I drank a bit too much Lillet last night
-I didn't sleep very well
-When I woke up, I was dehydrated & had the tummy wummies

I continued my morning routine of coffee, toast with peanut butter, and some extra water.

-I noticed it was h-o-t. Yes, at 6:30 in the morning (so I wore my ultra cool running skirt) :O

I was out the door before 7am and was pleased that the leggies felt good, even after the steady state!

-I had an other words, I had to find a bathroom while on-the-run. Thanks, Beanery on College Avenue--you saved me ;>

I got into a decent groove and, before I knew it, I'd run about 6 miles. Alright.

-It got HH-O-TTT....and I was low on water
-Stopped at UC Berkeley gym to refill my water--that also saved me!

The miles went by quite quickly--though I wasn't aiming to hit any specific paces, especially with my dehydration/tummy issues and the day's warmth. I still felt strong and had energy around 14 miles.

All in all, I completed the 15.8 mile training run, which made me stronger AND got me closer to being ready for NY. I'm hopeful that it won't be that hot in NY in November, and I don't plan on drinking any Lillet the night before! Ah, lessons learned.

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