August 15, 2009


Though Wellesley is about 15 miles away from Walden Pond, I felt like I was running in the shadow of Thoreau. Really, our entire visit was magical (hello, delicious cheese shop & I miss little V already!) and the runnin' was spectacular! In fact, I'm quite certain that my route overlapped with the Boston Marathon course (fortunately, the flat part)!

My 55 minute run was partially on a great sidewalk past cutesie stores, City Hall, and several fields. Ah, the greenness of the east coast! Then I turned off the road and onto a path. The amazing path traversed between homes, across fields, and through shady woods. The kicker--a wooden bridge over a swamp. It was a gorgeous run that really inspired me to enjoy every second outdoors and to transcend the concrete and bond with our greeny world :)

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