August 20, 2009

2 months 1 week

With just over two months until the NY marathon, it's time to leap into a new training plan. For better or worse, the next few months will be very, very busy, and the Big Apple marathon plan will pile on tough workouts and additional mileage to the mix.

There are a bunch of things that I loved about SF marathon training, including the medium long runs and the pace runs, so I'm keeping those...I'm eager to ramp up my during-the-week medium long run (up to 120 minutes!). I will switch up the long pace workouts so up to 10 miles are at GMP. But I may do sets of 4-5 miles at GMP instead of running 8-10 miles at GMP in a row!

Of course, I'm adding a new type of workout, too...Tomorrow I'll go on my very first first steady-state run, which is similar to a tempo run but slightly slower and a fair amount longer. Mcmillan recommends steady state runs and prescribes appropriate paces for those runs, and I think that alternating tempo and steady state runs will be fun :)

Finally, I've set some speedy new goal training paces based on a 3:55 marathon. We'll see how the next few weeks of runnin' feel--especially the 8:40 steady state and 8:25 tempo pace runs-- to determine whether I can hang with this shoot-for-the-moon goal :P

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  1. afterward, come see us in wellesley for a cheese-eating marathon to offset the non-cheese-eating marathon in NY.