August 15, 2009

New roads

Sometimes running down new roads is a little scary. Other times the change of scenery makes the journey fly by. The heat and humidity was offset by the terrific sound of chirping bugs and the friendliness of fellow runners.

Today's run on new roads in New York was fun, and I enjoyed running with Mia. There were some rolling hills, and we saw a gorgeous barn home. Plus, I noticed an assortment of roadkill (turtle, bird, and hamster?). I made sure to touch my belly button (a tradition of Jeff) to honor the spirits of those little beasts that passed away. Yes, today's run was an adventure, partially because it was new and maybe an eensie bit because every step is an adventure!

1 comment:

  1. You're actually supposed to touch a button on your shirt when an ambulance passes so that the person in trouble will have good luck and get better. I do touch my belly button when my shirt lacks the appropriate buttons. And I like the way you've expanded this superstition to roadkill. The universe is never out of space for good thoughts.


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