August 22, 2009

Thirteen plus

Today's long run was the first one for the NY marathon training cycle, so it was a milestone! I had 13 miles on the calendar (and, yes I need to post about this training plan), which seemed very long in comparison to the 6-8 miles that I had been cranking out post-SF marathon recovery. I told myself that 12.5 miles would be fine, but that 13.5 miles would be awesome. And I ended up running 13.5 miles in Alameda :) For some strange reason, it took awhile to warm up--about 9 miles actually! I felt pretty strong at the end of the run and really took it easy on the last mile or so.

I picked up an almond latte from the Beanery before heading home--where I discovered that my hubby had gotten me a lovely bouquet of purple flowers from the Farmers' Market!

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