April 8, 2009

Track attack

Many thanks to Jen for joining me for a fun track workout in Oakland on a drizzly Wednesday morning...I needed the incentive of great conversation and strong coffee to do intervals.

After a warm up jog/run to the track, I did three 800s. I felt strong during the 800s. I started them off speedy and concentrated on finishing them with a bit of a kick. All 800s were under 3:42. In January, my 800s were around 3:50, so this shows some significant improvement :) Next time, I should do four 800s, and I'd like to build up to six or seven (ouch!) 800s. I like ending track workouts with a 'cherry on top' 400. Today's 400 was in 1:43--which is quite speedy for my fatigued-by-800s legs!

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