April 25, 2009

Last run/first run

Depending on how you draw the circle, today's run was either the last run toward some ambiguous goal or else the first run of the San Francisco marathon training cycle! Either way, it was a great run- clear skies over the Golden Gate Bridge, a nice breeze, great company, and some always-exciting dodging of tourists and orange plastic barricades :O I liked the challenge of pushing up hills on the 12 mile run and will be facing some of those exact hills on marathon race day!

Oh yeah, and I enjoyed a running-gear shopping spree chez Sports Basement! My loot included black Brooks running shorts (they're black and white and fit great), 2 pairs of running socks (one purple pair & one white/pink pair of Balega socks, which are absolutely, positively my favorite socks for running), an insulated water bottle, and some Luna moon gummy snacks plus electrolyte drink tablets...I think I'll be well-supplied for awhile :)

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