April 27, 2009

First cut

It's awesome that it's week #1 for marathon training! I kicked it off with a 7 mile run, and, fortunately, my legs were definitely ready to run again. I am eager to feel the effects of adding a medium long run to my training. I think that running over 6 miles will add some endurance. Plus, runners high really kicks-in on runs over 6 or 7 miles, and I can always use some extra endorphins!!

What else is on tap for this week?
  • Key 2- Hill repeats
  • Key 3- Tempo 50
  • Long run- 13.5- probably SF
Gear wise...I wore my new Brooks shorts and give them an A+ for feeling so lightweight and comfortable. I also wore my new Balega socks and give them an A++ for fitting so well and keeping my footsies happy. Additionally, the shorts and socks are both quite cute :)

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