April 22, 2009


I'm easing back into the running, so I did a mellow 40 minute run to Piedmont Avenue. It was good to get the run done first thing in the morning, though I nearly felt like I was sleep-running! I crossed paths with a fellow female runner who I see on many of my morning runs, so we exchanged good mornings, which is always nice.

My foot and lower legs feel fine. No speedwork this week, but I'm really looking forward to another long run on Saturday! I think I'll try speedwork again next week.

The bigger running announcement is that I am going to be running the SF marathon in July! I'm excited to run 26.2 miles all around SF, including ACROSS the Golden Gate bridge. J and I decided that we'd been far too sane about our running for far too long- in other words, we hadn't raced over 13 miles in almost a year ;). I will post the training schedule soon.

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