July 14, 2009

What I did on my rest day

It's a little early for taper madness, but I'm already noticing that these extra days are giving me more time for very important things like shopping and wandering and....
  • eating a late breakfast
  • going to Best Buy to get a new pair of earbuds for my iPod & IKEA to get a frying pan and assorted kitchen accessories
  • wandering around 4th Street and selecting a nice bottle of white wine to enjoy with the hubby
  • going to Trader Joe's to purchase cheese for dinner!
  • catching up on life to-do list (ie- writing thank you notes and setting up webcam)
  • thinking about going for a swim (but didn't--even thought it's very, very hottt!).
I know that resting is a critical part of training, and I'll pardon myself for today's lazing and shopping incidents ;) Fortunately for my pocketbook, I get to do a tempo run tomorrow!!

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