July 6, 2009

People and paces

Thanks to facebook, I re-connected with two former Webb School cross country teammates. They were lovely friends of mine in high school, and back in the mid 90s we spent so many hours (training runs, bus rides, post-race meals at Wendy's, etc) talking about just about everything. Recently, we've chatted back and forth about the possibility of a reunion or, gasp, running a race (dare I say--a marathon!) together! I think it would be terrific to see them and run together.

With less than three weeks till the marathon (I swear that someday I'll stop being a perennial countdown timer), I think I can make some more detailed pacing plans...Right now, I'd love to run a slight negative split. So, I'd like to start around 9:45 pace, then run the first half around 9:30-9:35 pace. After mile 13 or 14, I think I should try to run closer to 9:05 pace and see what happens! Of course, it all depends on how much rest and TLC I can give my legs during the taper. My health or the weather could always throw a big wrench into things. But, whichever way the wind blows, it is exciting!

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