July 10, 2009


I had fun on today's 50 minute tempo run with 20 minutes at goal marathon pace. My legs felt remarkably fresh which hasn't been the case recently.

It made me realize that my GMP is much, much easier when I haven't already run 12+ miles. It also struck me that I'm going to have to really concentrate at the start of the race to stick to my plan of running 9:35 miles....it would be quite easy to get swept away and run 9 or even 8:30 miles at the start--and that would leave me in a world of pain at the end of the 26.2 :(

Tomorrow's 12 mile run will be a plain, vanilla long run. No fancy paces required! But I'm in hammer time--when the only thing left to do is hammer together the pieces. And save the race legs for race day.

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