July 15, 2009

The speed of confidence

Tapering can wreak havoc on your confidence because it's extremely easy to forget about the months of training and assortment of workouts that were done in the sun, fog, rain, and wind. But today's tempo run at Lake Merritt gave me a boost of confidence! There's something about tempo runs that makes you get tough as nails. I think it's the leap from a mellow pace to half marathon race pace (around 8:10).

At today's tempo speed, I could feel my legs working at a nice rhythm but still had some control of my breathing. I take that as a sign that my legs, heart, and lungs are more than ready to work hard at my marathon pace (quite a bit slower than this half marathon pace tempo). The last couple minutes were tough but not I-wanna-quit tough...So physically and mentally, all twenty minutes of the tempo went glowingly well; can you tell I'm still on my runner's high?!?

A big part of running--no matter how fast or how mellow--is confidence. If confidence was a commodity, I would not be a millionaire. All of this is to say that I will train my mind over the next eleven days to have some faith, to keep believing, and to buck up my confidence in my hard training and ability to run a rad race on July 26.

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