February 13, 2009

Weather, weather

I've run in humid and hot Tennessee, and the dry heat of the East Bay made trail running challenging last summer. On the other extreme, I ran in a Jersey sleet storm; the ice on the road was treacherous to say the least. Today's Bay Area forecast said we'd be getting some much-needed rain, so I was bracing myself for a rainy morning run.

But after sunrise it was cool and cloudy, so I put on one of my favorite running outfits. My adidas pants and new black long sleeved shirt were gifts from my in-laws (thanks!!), and they're sooooo comfy and make me feel kinda hardcore :) Midway through the run, it got sunny, and, later, I saw a rainbow--yay! At the end of the run, the rain began, so my timing was perfect.

1 comment:

  1. man, i would love to go out for a run with you! but you'd surely kick my boot.


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