February 14, 2009

Lovin' it

In honor of Valentine's day, I have to say that I love running. While cupid uses his wings and fires arrows into people's hearts, I use my heart to propel my legs and feet.

I love many things about running--from the silent routine of tying the shoelaces of my running shoes to the crazed feeling of seeing the finish line and hearing cheering. I've read that, since prehistoric people had to run away from their attackers, running is a primal instinct, so I like the natural, primal aspect of running. But, on a deeper level, I love running because I can. As a runner, by definition, I'm mobile. When I ride the bus to school, I see people of all ages and colors and sizes who use wheelchairs and are mobility-challenged. I have family and friends who have faced struggles with their mobility.

I loved my run today because I was able to put one step in front of another.

ps- In honor of Valentine's day, I will also be enjoying savory crepes filled with brie and prosciutto, a fantastic white wine selected by my hubbie, ice cream sundaes, and chocolate truffles handcrafted by my mom!

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