March 1, 2009


Tomorrow is day 1 of my sparkling new Bay to Breakers training plan. B2B is only 7.5 miles but has a few big-time hills. I'm aiming for 2-3 'key' runs per week that serve some sort of purpose plus a long run. I'm choosing to do longer weekend runs because a) I love them AND b) it's great early preparation for the summer SF half marathon. Finally, I'll do a couple recovery runs.

On tap for this week:
Key 1: Hill repeats
  • About 45 seconds all-out effort up a hill. Gasp, sip water, walk, and repeat. This WILL prepare muscles for Hayes Street hill!
Key 2: Tempo run
  • 15 minute warmup; 20 minutes at 10k pace; 10 min. cooldown. This might kick my keister because it's tough to maintain the speedy effort, but the Garmin will come in handy.
Long: 1 hour 40
  • Probably in North Berkeley with some hills.

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