March 2, 2009


I'm not too allergic to running in the rain and usually face the elements without a rain jacket. But today I decided to wear my gore text rain jacket because the rain was coming down pretty hard...Again, I shouldn't complain because I know that east coasters are coping with treacherous amounts of snow today.

So- a review of how the hiking jacket fared during the 4.5 mile run:
At first, the jacket felt perfect and kept me cozy and dry and didn't even feel too bulky. Then I got FAR too warm and felt as if I were in a wet sauna- not so fun. I unzipped a few odd zippers (arms and chest) and that helped a bit. Then the jacket just got wet and heavy, though it did manage to keep my body dry and core temperature where it should be.

The verdict- I might need a new rain jacket specifically for running. Or maybe I should motivate to go to the Berkeley gym on rainy days.

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