March 7, 2009


With plenty of sunshine and oodles of flowers all around, I sprang through a 10 miler. I was pleased with my pace- 9:50 min/mile- including a couple stops for traffic lights and water and a 2 mile long uphill from the greenway to Oxford Street and North Berkeley. My garmin (it really should have a name...Gary? Gargar? Garmalade? Garfunk?) provided lots of information about the distance covered and my pace, but I tried to run by effort and not get too wrapped up into what the brilliant computer on my wrist was saying.
I enjoyed exploring the Ohlone Greenway and appreciated the fanciful yards and gardens throughout the East Bay. Afterwards, I grabbed an iced latte and picked up an assortment of treats at La Farine (including pain au chocolat for Jeff). I also noticed the kind Girl Scouts selling cookies in front of Peet's and, of course, purchased an exquisite variety :P Without a doubt, this long run kicked off the springy weekend in a super way!!

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    This is facinating, but can you explain what the graph is and where it comes from. It seems very professional.


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