March 31, 2009

Sizzle me this

Today's afternoon run with hill repeats was a sizzler at about 70 degrees. But, according to my mantra, the harder and wackier the training conditions, the easier the racing will be :P

I felt good on the warm up and reached a hill that I'd scouted out for oh so fun hill repeats. The first couple 1 minute uphill bursts felt fine, and it was tough to tell if I was working hard enough because I do these based on effort. By the fourth hill repeat, it was hard, hard work. I gave it my all on number 5, but it would have been possible to do a sixth repeat, which is always the intended goal. After completing all five repeats, it was tough to catch my breath and my body was feeling the heat. Next time I do hill repeats (in a couple weeks), I will plan to do 6 repeats. I cooled down for about another 20 minutes, though the last mile was pretty much a jog, as I was fried.

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