March 13, 2009

I'll take it

I was tempted to bag the tempo run and spend more time in bed--sometimes daylights savings time does that...The evil voice in my head told me that I could run later- but, really, by the time I get back from campus, I'm too fried to run. So, I braved the semi-darkness, strapped on Garmalade, and braced myself for another tempo run.

It started off mellow though my legs felt a bit sluggish- maybe still from the hill workout. I jogged up a couple pretty major hills, and then it was time for the tempo part of the run to start. My legs didn't really feel like kicking it up, and my pace wasn't exactly where I wanted it. The first mile was about 8:50. Yes, the first mile included some uphill (over 400 feet of ascent, according to Garmalade). I told myself that I COULD work harder. The second mile was exactly where it should be- 8:25. And the last half mile was at 7:50 pace- and felt GOOD! Then it hit me that running a faster second mile of a tempo meant that my legs and heart could do an entirely tougher tempo. Hmm, how am I going to even out those paces?! I'd like to run a tempo with all miles in the 8:05-8:25 range.

Whatever. I'll accept that the tempo showed improvement from last week & I completed a solid workout on a Friday morning!

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